Additional Liberty City Stories Details from Play2Mania

Ero Senin from the forums has posted new scans and information about Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The new information comes from a spanish-language magazine by the name of Play2Mania. The preview is 4 pages long and is based on information that the spanish publication received at E3, where they were one of the only publications in the whole world to see the game in action.

Rockstar says that GTA: Liberty City Stories will be better than GTA3 in some aspects. It will have less pop-ins, a better picture quality and more cars and people in scenes. Rockstar says the PSP GTA will be superior to the PS2 GTAs. They also stressed that the game is not a remake of GTA3. GTA: LCS is a totally new game expect for the map, which is based on GTA3‘s Liberty City. Here is some additional information covered in the preview (as translated by gameXploiter):

  • There wil be no flyable vehicles (planes/helicopters).
  • Tony, the main character, is controlled by the analog stick.
  • Camera view is changed with the select button.
  • Wardrobe changes are possible.
  • The graphics and draw distance are better than those of GTA3 (comparison likely based on PS2 version).
  • The Liberty City map will be updated with new areas and landmarks.
  • “R3” missions such as firefighter, ambulance are standard in every GTA game and will be included.
  • All the vehicles from GTA3 and the motorcycles from GTA Vice City will be drivable.
  • Vehicles will have “better reflections” than in San Andreas (comparison likely based on PS2 version).
  • The storyline missions will take about as long to complete as the ones in Vice City.
  • Unique jumps and hidden packages, customary to GTA games, will be available.

The discussion is open at the Liberty City Stories forums.