GTA Online: Gunrunning Is Out!

GTA Online Gunrunning, the most anticipated DLC yet, is now out on all platforms!

In Gunrunning, you will be able to run your own gun smuggling business, and enter the military arms race, by buying yourself a bunker, getting some staff, research technology, and try to be the top dog in the business!

There is a range of weaponised vehicles available, such as vehicles with anti-air missile technology, a half-track, a rocket bike, and much more for you to defend your precious business!

A Mobile Operations Centre is also available, and it will be your… well… mobile centre of operations, which can be stored in your bunker, and can lead your research anywhere.

All weapons are also getting a Mk II upgrade tier, where you will be able to upgrade some of the existing weapons with extras like tracers, incendiary rounds, armour piercing rounds, hollow point rounds, night vision and holographic scopes, and more!

As also is tradition, new haircuts and tattoos are also available for those gun smugglers who wish to look a little bit cooler in the business.

We at GTAForums have also opened a brand new Knowledge Base and Discussion forum for the new DLC, which you can find on the links below. Good luck, soldiers!

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