1Up Steps Up, NIMF Press Release

1Up, the internet gaming portal and community for the Ziff Davis Media group, has joined in the media blitz covering the Hot Coffee mod controversy. 1Up gives us the generic lowdown on the Gamespot news bulletin, but they also managed to contact Rockstar Games regarding the ESRB investigation. According to the 1Up article, Rockstar Games is complying fully with the investigation while holding fast to the original M rating given to San Andreas.

“We can confirm the ESRB is conducting an investigation and that we will be complying fully with their enquiries. We thoroughly support the work of the ESRB, and believe that it has an exemplary record of rating games and promoting understanding of video game content,”

– Rockstar Games Spokesperson

1Up also noted that The National Institute on Media and the Family has submitted a press release regarding San Andreas. The press release, however, seems to be little more than a half-baked attempt at using the Hot Coffee mod as a scapegoat to get another jab in against Rockstar Games and the GTA franchise. The document fully acknowledges that the game is not intended for minors (hence the Mature rating, obviously)…

Yet their concern is about the children.

Or, rather, the all-too-impressionable 17 year olds who may be corrupted from watching these scenes of pixelated booty calls, as the rating already advises against youth under the age of seventeen from playing the game. Late-night HBO specials and Oz reruns are fine, but god forbid we see some clothed sprites doing the nasty.

“Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” never belonged in the hands of kids,” said psychologist Dr. Walsh. “We are taking the unusual step of alerting parents to the pornography available through this game to any child or teen who is Internet savvy. This gives greater urgency to our message to parents: Become MediaWise: Watch What Your Kids Watch.”

(If the slogans don’t suit your fancy, don’t worry – I’m certain more activist groups will be chiming in soon enough to offer up their bounties of reassuring catch phrases, slogans, acronyms and the likes.)

1Up will continue to give coverage on the growing case in the weeks to come. If you’re a registered member of 1Up, you can also add your comments to the article.

“In the video game world, the M-rating assigned to violent and sexually explicit video games is akin to a film’s R-rating. You don’t see people throwing a fit when an R-rated movie shows off a little flesh, and in this case, the sexual content doesn’t actually include nudity, only suggestive actions.”

– 1Up Article

Amen to that.

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