More Previews

This weekend the big secret was revealed – Grand Theft Auto is going multiplayer. TotalVideoGames, Euro Gamer and 1UP tell us about it: “Easily accessible at any time, the Multiplayer mode allows six gamers to battle across seven different gametypes, including the aforementioned Deathmatch, a Capture the Flag based mode called Get Stretch, and a team-only game entitled Protection Racket.

Recent Previews Rundown

A few new previews have surfaced as of late, here’s a quick run-down. Official Playstation 2 Magazine Netherlands/Belgium has put a San Andreas preview in their latest issue. The highlights.. Farm animals such as pigs and cows can be seen in the countryside. (Can you say Carmageddon?) Countryside residents are far more relaxed, often drunk or even half-naked. You can do